Interactive Size Constancy Figure

Size constancy is dependent upon the depth perceived in the images.   Thus, by adding and removing depth cues, we out to be able change the perceived size (Holway and Boring, 1941).  This exercise will allow you to add and remove three depth cues in any combination to see what effect they have on the perceived size of two of the people from the other photographs.  Simple click to buttons to the right of the figure to remove or add one of these three depth cues. 

The depth cues present are listed at the top of the page and they have blue buttons.  Those depth cues not in the figure have red buttons.

Depth Cues Used (with a link to a page that gives some explanatory information):

Depth Cue When Present: When Absent:
The two figures are the same size as the original photograph.   The nearer figure is larger. The two figures are exactly the same size.
The farther figure feet land higher on the image. The two figures have their feet at the same level on the image.
There is a background texture present. This background texture is absent.

*    In the natural world you cannot have a texture gradient without also having relative height present.  However, in these images, the texture gradient will be treated solely as part of the background without affecting the forground images in any way.



Holoway, A. H., & Boring, E. G. (1941).  Determinants of apparent visual size with distance variant.  American Journal of Psychology, 54, 21-37.



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