Our Vacation 2000

England, Scotland and Wales

The Way Over

Day1-1.jpg (48261 bytes)Sorry for the poor photography but here we are taking off from Louisville.




Day1-2.jpg (67213 bytes)We are sitting in Charlotte waiting for the plain to London.

Day1-3.jpg (60797 bytes)The flight got long.


Day1-4.jpg (70262 bytes)We are tired but happy.  We are on our way to our first stop in Oxford.  We stopped in Windsor on the way.  That is the castle, part of it, in the background.

Day1-5.jpg (171428 bytes)Here is more of the castle.  It is a big one.

Day1-6.jpg (85901 bytes)Runnymeade, where the first Magna Carta was signed is near Windsor.  We stopped by.  This is a monument to the Magna Carta by the American Bar Association.  It seems more a monument to them than the document.

Day1-7.jpg (54017 bytes)Now on to Oxford.  I was rather jealous.  We all got a nap that afternoon.