The Model

Here are some of the questions I am working on with regard to this model.

Since I am really focusing, at present, on the fovea, I am interested in what is really picked up in a fixation.  This is related to the idea of the old span of apprension ideas.  Most objects are larger than the fovea and since the periphery seems to be involved in other aspects of vision than object recognition (Leibowitz, Rodemer, & Dichgans, 1979) then it is important to know what exactly is picked up from an object in this brier image.
There are several subquestions here:

What is seen in a brief presentations. On way to look at this is what is not missed when subtracted from an object.

How is integration across fixation accomplished.  This is a toughie.  However, Krantz (1988) found that extraocular signals recoordinate our visual axes relative to the world slighly before a saccadic eye movement begins and is finished just after it ends.  This fact should help the brain accomplish this fact.

What does the output from eye look like.  If we apply current models of receptive fields to an image and look at the output in a graphical format, what would we see?

Here I have a list of questions that seem beyond the current effort but I hope to engage down the road.  You might think of these as long range questions.  I also have some speculations related to these questions that suggest some possible avenues of attach.